Andreas Papastamou born in Athens, 1966, received his BA in Economics from the University of Athens, Greece, studied Regional Development at Panteion University, received an MA in European Economics from the Institute of European Studies of the University of Brussels, Belgium (Université libre de Bruxelles, ULB), and earned a PhD summa cum laude in Economic History and Education from the Department of Philosophy and History of Science of the University of Athens.

Before his diplomatic career, he was advisor to the Deputy Governor of the Agricultural Bank of Greece.

A career Foreign Service Officer (Economic Diplomacy) dealing with international business and commercial diplomacy, he has served as:

  • Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece (2012-2015),
  • First Counselor of Economic Affairs to the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations and Other International Organizations, Geneva (2007-2012),
  • Second Counselor of Economic Affairs to the Greek Embassy to Skopje (2004-2007),
  • Special Adviser to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (2001-2004),
  • First Secretary of Economic Affairs to the Greek Consulate to Istanbul, Turkey (2000)
  • and as Second Secretary of Economic Affairs to the Ministry of National Economy (1999-2000) Athens, after his graduation from the National School of Public Administration, Athens (1997-1999).

Dr. Andreas Papastamou is Associate Professor of European Economy at the Department of International and European Studies of Panteion University, Athens, and he is teaching Economic Diplomacy as Visiting Professor at the National School of Public Administration, Athens, Greece.

With more than 25 years’ experience in Economic Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, in Regional Development programs management, and in Educational Institutions Management, he has published more than forty (40) publications in scientific foreign journals.

His most recent books include:

1. Challenges of European Economy (2019). Athens: Papazissis (ISBN13 9789600234800).

2. In the Shadow of the European Economic Crisis: Best Practices for Continuing Education, from A. Szpaderski & M.J. Urick (eds.). Management and Welfare: Applications and Theories of Leadership for the Economy, State, and Healthcare. HPL Publications, Inc., Douglassville 2018, (ISBN: 978-1-61305-018-7).

3. Economic Diplomacy (2018), Athens: Papazissis Publishers, (ISBN 978-960-02-3377-3)

4. “For a Sustainable Leadership” (2017) in Gialamas, S., Diamantopoulos, C., Papastamou, A., Roukas, D., Thomadakis, C., (eds.) Leadership Proposals for Ending the Crisis, Athens: Papazissis Publishers, pp. 103-156. (ISBN 978-960-02-3277-6).

5. Green Diplomacy: International Relations and Environment Protection (2014), Athens: Patakis Publishers (ISBN 978-960-16-5627-4).

6. The Changing University (2014), Athens: Papazissis Publishers (ISBN 978-960-02-2992-9).

7. Educational Research and University (2011), Athens: Enastron Publ., (ISBN 978-960-6649-61-5).

8. International Economic Crises (2011). Athens: Enastron Publishers (ISBN 978-960-6649-58-5).

9. Network theory and town twinning: implications for urban development policy in post-socialist Europe, from T. Michalski & A. Kuczabski (2010) Selected Aspects of Transformation in Countries of Central and Central-Eastern Europe. A Book dedicated to Professor Oleh Sabliy upon the 50th Anniversary of Scientific Work. Pelpin: Bernardinum, 2010 (ISBN 978-83-7380-816-4).

10. Educating Prometheus: European Universities and Industrial Revolution (2009), Athens: Papazissis (ISBN 978-960-02-2347-7).