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Visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to the offices of the National Transparency Authority

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of North Macedonia, responsible for Good Governance Policies, Ms. Slavica Grkovska, met on Friday 3/11/2023 with the Interim Governor, Ms. Alexandra Rogakou, at the offices of the NTA, during the Deputy President's visit to our country.

During the meeting, the NTA’s officials and the representatives of North Macedonia exchanged views on anti-corruption and corruption prevention issues in two neighboring countries, focusing in particular on the new framework for risk management and risk assessment in the public sector, as well as on the good practices in the areas of strategic planning, integrity and accountability.

In the margins of the meeting, it was signed the Declaration of the SEE GOOD GOVERNANCE ANTI-CORRUPTION WOMEN LEADERS FORUM, which has been established under the auspices of the Vice President of North Macedonia to strengthen the role of women in leadership positions in the fight against corruption. NTA has participated in the forum as an Observer.