National Transparency Authority

Εξώφυλλο Έκθεσης Απολογισμού

With the first Annual Report we implement our commitment to transparency and accountability to Greek citizens!

The National Transparency Authority publishes today its first Annual Report, presenting the work carried out throughout the year 2019, with emphasis on the actions and achievements of the Authority since its inception, with Law 4622/7-8-2019 on Executive State.

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NTA’s Governor Open Letter

The COVID-19 pandemic has now caused disruption to the personal, professional and family life of all of us, in Greece and around the world.

I am well aware that all the employees of the NTA have had to adjust their daily pace, their personal lives and the way in which the responsibilities that everyone has assumed at both personal and professional level are handled.

With a view to protecting the health and safety of all of us, with ingenuity and methodical work, we managed in just a few 24 hours to transform the way we work...


For the first time, a single and independent authority has been established in Greece, which has the necessary guarantees of independence and impartiality, in accordance with good international practices and the requirements of international law


The Authority has as its task the design and implementation of a framework of coherent policies both to identify and repress acts of corruption and to prevent and deter them


None of the controls stops. All audits carried out continue and the audit mechanism is strengthened by an extended framework of competence. For the first time, extensive control powers are also provided for private sector


The Authority is structured on three key pillars, introducing for the first time in Greece an integrated organizational and operational model of innovative actions and practices to enhance transparency

δάκτυλο που αγγίζει πλήκτρο με λογότυπο της ΕΑΔ


We strengthen the communication channels and establish the Newsletter on a solid basis in order to share with you the most important developments regarding the work, actions and collaborations of the Authority at domestic, European and international level. This edition of the first Newsletter attempts to summarise the events that have taken place between September and the present day..

Newsletter Feb 2020