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The National Transparency Authority, following a complaint submission, in October 2023 conducted an audit of a private medical practice in the Region of Central Greece, with the purpose of establishing the exercise of private work and the operation of a private medical practice by a doctor working for the National Health Service.

During the audit it was found that:

The physician was serving as an assistant physician in the Department of Surgery with the rank of Supervisor B’ in a public hospital of the Region of Attica since 2014, with full-time and exclusive employment status.

Since the beginning of his term as an auxiliary doctor, he had ceased working at the relevant Public Financial Service and his licence to operate his surgery had been revoked by the relevant Medical Association.

During the on-site inspection conducted by ΝΤΑ’s Inspectors–Auditors posted signs on the building were found in which medical practice was operating, a medically equipped medical practice, the physician's dressing in a medical work uniform, and appointment setting to the members of the inspection team.

The above was evidence of the alleged operation of a medical practice and the provision of medical services.

The inspection report was forwarded:

  • to Hospital’s Governor where the doctor is employed for disciplinary action,
  • to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue for actions under its jurisdiction
  • to NTA’s competent section for a financial audit (declaration of assets and liabilities)