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In the framework of a systemic audit conducted by the ΝΤΑ in order to determine whether the income from business activity declared by those liable, according to the provisions of Law no. 3213/2003, to submit a declaration of assets and liabilities to the NTA, from activities compatible with the public position they hold, two (2) officials were found to be engaged in private work/work without having previously obtained a licence from their Authority. These activities were in violation of the provisions of Articles 31 of the Civil Authority Code (Law 3528/2007) and 38 of the Code of Municipal and Community Employees (Law 323213). 3584/2007), which lay down the obligation of public sector employees, before carrying out private or remunerated work, to submit a request to their department in order to examine whether the private work they wish to carry out is compatible with the duties of their post and does not interfere with the smooth running of the Authority.

Private work/work without authorisation from the Authority was also found in a recent audit carried out following a complaint about another Ministry official who was carrying out private work even though his request had been rejected by the Authority.

In addition, in two cases of Ministry employees, following cross-checks with data kept by a public body, they were found to be carrying out private work on dates when they were absent from their duties on medical leave and even travelling to carry out the private work in a city outside the headquarters of their Authority. 

For the above, disciplinary action was sought against the officials.