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NTA participates in the 14th Session of the Implementation Review Group of the United Nations Convention against Corruption

NTA participated in the 14th Session of the Implementation Review Group of the UN Convention against Corruption, which is taking place from 12-16 June (in hybrid format) in Vienna.

During her presentation, the Interim Governor, Ms. Alexandra Rogakou, focused on the initiatives undertaken by the country to strengthen the institutional framework and implement actions to prevent and combat corruption. She also presented the new framework for risk management and risk assessment in the public and private sectors, as well as the prioritization of audits in high-risk areas, with the application of modern risk assessment tools.

At the same time, she stressed the importance of the horizontal interventions of the Authority in the areas of internal control, lobbying, conflict of interest and whistleblowing, along with the importance of introducing and using digital tools in the implementation of the national anti-corruption strategy, such as the Transparency Register, e-pothen and e-Peitharxika platforms. In the area of awareness-raising, the importance of the "Leaders of Tomorrow" student competition in the effort to establish a culture of zero tolerance to corruption was also highlighted.

Finally, the Interim Governor concluded with the progress made in the implementation of the national strategy to prevent and tackle corruption, which is reflected in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, in which the country has improved by 16 places in the global ranking over the last four years.