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NTA represented GREECE in the 10th Conference of the States Parties to

UN Convention Against Corruption

Greece was represented by the National Transparency Authority in the 10th Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, which took place from 11 to 15 December 2023 in Atlanta (USA).

Intervention in the Plenary

κοινό που παρακολουθεί ομιλητήThe Interim Governor, Ms. Alexandra Rogakou, as Head of the Greek Delegation, during her speech to the Plenary, after congratulating the new President, referred to the initiatives and progress achieved in the country in the field of preventing and fighting corruption in the last four years since the establishment of the Authority. She also highlighted the most important institutional reforms such as the NACAP, the Internal Control framework and the framework for risk management, lobbying, whistleblower protection. 

κοινό που παρακολουθεί ομιλητή



Interim Governor’s Interventions and Participation in the Special Events

«Globe International Cooperation Day»

Within the framework of the Globe International Cooperation Day, organized by UNODC Globe Network, the Interim Governor presented the experience of the Greek Presidency of the Network of Corruption Prevention Authorities (NCPA) of the Council of Europe. In her presentation, the Deputy Governor presented the experience of the Greek Presidency of the Council of Europe's Network of Corruption Prevention Authorities (NCPA) in implementing a coherent workplan, underlining the importance of cooperation and the exchange of know-how and experience among the members of the Network in addressing corruption-related challenges.

Η ομιλήτρια κ. Ρογκάκου


Η ομιλήτρια κ. Ρογκάκου


Πάνελ ομιλητών


«International Perspectives on Whistleblower Protection»

In the special event entitled "International Perspectives on Whistleblower Protection", organised by the UNODC and the Government Accountability Project, UNCACoalition with the participation of representatives of the EU, the US Securities and Exchange Commission and CSOs, the Interim Governor presented the Greek initiatives for the transposition of the European Directive 2019/1937 in the field of protection of persons reporting breaches of EU law (Law 4990/2022).


αφίσα με πρόσωπα ομιλητών


πάνελ ομιλητών και κοινό

«Promotion of NTA initiatives as good practices in collaborative projects» 

The "Youth Empowerment Guide for Anti-Corruption Authorities" prepared by the Hong Kong Anti-Corruption Authority (ICAC) in cooperation with the UNODC and the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA), includes the "Integrity Leaders of Tomorrow" a competition organised by the National Transparency Authority since 2021 among the world's good practices.

σελίδα με τα πρόσωπα των ομιλητών


Bilateral Meetings

In the margins of the Conference, the Greek delegation met with the Consul of Greece in Atlanta and the President and Coordinator on Global Anti-Corruption and had the opportunity to discuss about the structure and functioning of the US agencies in the field of prevention and suppression of corruption and to present the relevant policies that have been developed by NTA.

ομαδική φωτογράφηση ομιλητών

Finally, several bilateral meetings were organised between NTA and foreign counterparts either at the initiative of the NTA or following an expression of interest by the foreign counterparts. In particular:

  • With ICAC, the cooperation in the field of education and training of auditors/inspectors was mainly discussed with an organization of a training program during summer 2024 στελέχη σε τραπέζι


  • With the French AFA, the exchange of expertise on the management of reports of EU law breaches was discussed and it was agreed the co-organisation of a webinar on the topic ομαδική φωτογράφηση ομιλητών


  • With the Australian Authority (NACC) the discussion focused on the principles and the Commonwealth Integrity Maturity Framework and it was agreed the exchange of relevant guides 

ομαδική φωτογράφηση ομιλητών

  • With the Romanian Authority (ANI) it was agreed to exchange expertise on conflict of interest and use of behavioural insights for the prevention of corruption

στελέχη σε περίπτερο

  • With the UAE Supreme Audit Institute, the meeting mainly involved an exchange of views on the Authority's framework and its awareness and outreach programs while it was agreed the planning of mutual awareness raising activities 

ομαδική φωτογράφηση ομιλητών


Cooperation Networks

  • With EU representatives (DG HOME), within the framework of EU network against corruption, it was agreed the exchange of know-how on the mapping of high-risk areas for corruption and on the National Anti-Corruption Strategy

ομαδική φωτογράφηση ομιλητών

  • With the Coordinator of the UNODC Globe Network, NTA accepted the invitation to participate in the Globe network 

The Greek delegation presented the country's progress in the areas of prevention and fight against corruption, as well as the work and achievements of the Authority at international level, receiving recognition and positive comments. It also expressed its full cooperation in any request for sharing its experience and operational tools, while drawing useful information and knowledge for fruitful reflection on the incorporation of innovations and good practices, either in the immediate or longer-term future.