Athens, 26.06.2020


The National Transparency Authority publishes today its first Annual Report, presenting the work carried out throughout the year 2019, with emphasis on the actions and achievements of the Authority since its inception, with Law 4622/7-8-2019 on Staff State.

The Report is a key tool for the accountability and control of the action of the NTA and aims to inform citizens objectively and responsibly about (a) the implementation of this structural reform and the implementation of the plan for the integration of the six defunct bodies into a single Authority, (b) the work and action of the NTA by operational pillar: Control – Prevention – Awareness, (c) the partnerships developed at domestic and international level to enhance transparency and fight corruption and (d) plan the Authority’s activities for the coming year.

It has been structured in order to be analytic but at the same time friendly to the reader, presenting the whole of the information through concise texts, visual illustrations and graphs, so that the citizen can be informed in a concise and comprehensible way about its content.

The Report was forwarded according to the provisions of article 85 par.5 of Law 4622/2019, by the Governor of the Authority to the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament and to the relevant Committee on Institutions and Transparency, in order to be discussed in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament. At the same time, the procedures for its publication in a relevant edition of the National Printing Office have been launched.

You can read the entire Exhibition here.

National Transparency Authority

The Governor

Angelos Binis